Flanked by rust red hills dotted with spindly ocotillo and splashes of acacia and oak, you’ll find a winding path where strings of rainbow lights touch and go from buildings with a century of stories reverberating within them. Some call them ghosts - but we think of them as energies that invite us to remember. We feel the tug of old, unwritten stories of connecting to the earth and to one another, and hear the call to uncover paths of healing that tend to body and spirit as one. Here in Bisbee, Arizona, where time slows behind this thinning veil, you’ll find Terra Firma, a ritual apothecary created to hold space for reclaiming these ancestral traditions, as well as provide the tools to bring them into your own home, to open the mythic portal, and continue the journey of your own empowered self-care.


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29 Main Street, Bisbee, Arizona 85603